Tagging Services

Biomark provides tagging services to the fisheries community. Trained biologists can visit your site to provide custom training for fish tagging, conduct small-scale tagging projects using our portable tagging equipment, or conduct large-scale tagging projects using our custom built tagging trailer. We also provide detailed tagging workshops. These workshops can be done onsite with facility personnel and cover tagging methods, hands-on tagging training and basic software use. These workshops can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs and protocols and help ensure compliance.

The Biomark Biological Services group has tagged over 10 million fish at locations throughout the world.

The Biomark tagging crew using the HPT12 PLT (Pre-load System) in our custom tagging trailer.

Tagging training in Newport, Ireland.

Biomark tagging trailer on-site at a hatchery where the PIT tagged fish to return to the raceway via a release pipe immediately after implant. (Washington, USA)
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