Visual ID Tags

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The FlexiMatic V2 is a Semi-Automatic applicator used for applying Allflex FlexiTags. Strips of 25 tags are loaded and can be quickly applied. 

FlexiMatic V2

The RapID applicators and tags are an efficient method of marking fish post mortum. The easy to use strips of 20 RapID  tags are loaded directly into the semi-automatic FlexiMatic V2 or RapIDTagger applicator within seconds and the smooth fast reload makes this an unrivaled method for marking whole fish, filets or carcasses at the time of processing.  The RapID tags are available with custom printing, multiple colors and with or without an integrated RFID transponder.

Rapid ID tags

The RapID Tagger Applicator is a single shot applicator used for applying RapIDTags.

Tagging is simple and easy and it is reloaded in seconds.

RapidID Tagger
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