Tag Manager Software 3

With Biomark’s Tag Manager Software, you can easily connect to any Biomark reader and download tag codes from the software to either Excel, Notepad, or an internal table. Click on More Details below for additional information.



Using Tag Manager you can scan tags in “real time” into the software’s table as well as input specific data for each tag pertinent to your project. The software includes a tag code look up function that can alert the user when a desired tag code from a user defined list is found. Tag Manager is compatible with all Biomark readers.

Tag Manager will accept ISO11784/11785 compliant tags [FDX-B & HDX tags], FDX-A tags and AVID encrypted PIT tags (9 digit number). The software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

Memory Download

Download tag codes with one button for easy export to Excel, including Date/Time Stamp, GPS coordinate, and other user defined data.

Real Time Scan

Scan tag codes directly into a table with date/time stamp (see below), with the option of additional data entry such as site, species and up to 10 custom fields. Real Time Scan has the ability to look up specific tag codes, allowing particular individuals to be found during a tag reading session.

Download User Manual here


Install Tag Manager here (version with automatic updates)

Download standalone installation here (this version will not check for updates)

The software requires an activation key to use. Please call (208)275-0011 or email [email protected] to purchase your Tag Manager activation key. If you have already purchased your Tag Manager Software please call or email with your Invoice Number or Sales Order Number and we will give you your activation key.

 Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible.


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